Provider Enrollment and Credentialing

Hospital Billing Services provide reliable enrollment and credentialing services to providers. The credentialing process can be burdensome and time consuming, but is absolutely necessary to the business health of the practice. Hospital Billing Services provides physicians with efficient and fast, enrollment and credentialing services, and enables them to focus on their core business of providing quality healthcare to patients.

Credentialing Services to providers include:
  • Compiling required enrollment documents
  • Completing and submitting the enrollment application
  • Tracking the enrollment application progress through approval
  • Maintaining critical records of enrollment documentation
  • Monitoring expirations of MA registrations, DEAs, and CLIA registrations
  • Processing re-credentialing applications as needed

Customized Practice Management Reports

Monthly, quarterly and annual reports with statistics including:
  • Number of procedures by charge type (modality).
  • Dollar amount of charges.
  • Amount of charges billed to the payers.
  • Dollar amount of adjustments.
  • Dollar amount of receipts.
  • Dollar amount of accounts receivable (A/R).
  • Number of days in A/R.

Activity and Insurance Reports

The different activity and insurance reports such as:
  • Financial Class Activity Report: Dollar amount charged for each financial class (FC) as well as the dollar amount paid and adjusted off for each FC.
  • Charge Type Analysis Report: Number of charges/charge type (modality) for each doctor by location.
  • Daily Posting Summary Report: Charges, payments, and adjustments posted each day.
  • Procedure Mix Activity Report: Dollar amount charged for each charge type (modality) and the payments that have been received for those charges.

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